Centre for Positive Living

The CENTRE FOR POSITIVE LIVING is a member church of Religious Science International in the city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Prayer Requests offered online:

Your request is sent to the licensed practitioner on duty, who will know the truth for you and with you. To learn more about the process of spiritual mind treatment, also known as affirmative prayer, visit our Science of Mind Beliefs About Prayer on this page.

Know that your request and your personal information are kept entirely confidential, and that the moment you decide to seek a greater experience is when the healing begins! Simply enter your request below, filling out the entire form so we may forward your request properly.
It is our intention to offer the best in spiritual support to the world. Know that the moment you seek a better experience, the healing has already begun. Together, we're awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence!

Here is the direct link to the prayer request page.

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World Ministry of Prayer

For more than 75 years World Ministry of Prayer Practitioners have supported individuals throughout the world with affirmative prayer. Our purpose is to foster a deepening awareness of a loving Presence and inner peace among all who call upon us for support.

Our professional prayer staff stands ready to support you in prayer any time, day or night. Each practitioner has several years of professional training and is committed to unconditionally supporting you in prayer. Everyone is welcome to use our service.

All interactions are completely confidential. We are in prayer 24 hours a day and keep all requests in the healing consciousness of the prayer room for 30 days.

If you would like IMMEDIATE PRAYER, you may
reach a Science of Mind Practitioner at
World Ministry of Prayer, now!
From within the United States or Canada call: 1-800-421-9600
From all other countries call: 818 556-2298

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Sufi Center

Love is One The Station of Love and the Attributes of Allah's Love for the Slave
As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa raḥmatu-llāh wa bārakatuhu.

I ask Allah’s help and protection for you, your spouses, your children and your loved ones.
I ask that He provide you with all you need.
I ask Allah to achieve peace, security, mercy, justice, freedom, and peace for the entire world.
I ask that He may provide every good for humanity.

The Sufi Center

Email your prayer requests to prayerline@suficenter.org . Please let us know if you wish your name to be published with your prayer. Prayers will be listed here for about a month.

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