World Ministry of Prayer

For more than 75 years World Ministry of Prayer Practitioners have supported individuals throughout the world with affirmative prayer. Our purpose is to foster a deepening awareness of a loving Presence and inner peace among all who call upon us for support.

Our professional prayer staff stands ready to support you in prayer any time, day or night. Each practitioner has several years of professional training and is committed to unconditionally supporting you in prayer. Everyone is welcome to use our service.

All interactions are completely confidential. We are in prayer 24 hours a day and keep all requests in the healing consciousness of the prayer room for 30 days.

If you would like IMMEDIATE PRAYER, you may
reach a Science of Mind Practitioner at
World Ministry of Prayer, now!
From within the United States or Canada call: 1-800-421-9600
From all other countries call: 818 556-2298


Anonymous said...

натуральный линолеум

Anonymous said...

too bad you do not take phone requests anymore. It is a shame practitioners cannot offer to be of service.

Anonymous said...

I really miss your prayer line. Your practitioners have been so helpful and comforting.

M bannister said...

What happened???!!! I couldn't believe the recording I redialed twice and went to google thinking perhaps your # was changed. You've bee so supportive over the years through your prayer line why is this service no longer available and since when. Please respond if it's a financial need please let it be known I and I sure others would be willing to offer some support. God Bless you All.

M Bannister

Anonymous said...

How disappointing the Church of Religious Science no longer offers the 24 hour phone support of The World Ministry of Prayer practitioners... disappointing indeed... Thank God that Silent Unity is there, but Science of Mind, shame on you, indeed. You are no longer spreading your message of the blessings of spiritual mind treatment.. what has happened to the healing mission of Ernest Holmes? Sad and disconcerting.

Anonymous said...

this is notthe feeling I used to get from calling the 800-421-9600 prayer request #... it was just an impersonal "we're sorry" phone recording!! surely hyou can do better than that??????????????????

Anonymous said...

Truly sad and disappointing. As another said, if it is financial please speak out.

as always starzie said...

I can't believe the Religious Science church no longer has a prayer line available! Thank God for Unitys prayer line! Like one person said, shame on you Religious Science! Ernest Holmes would have been sad bout this! If it's financial reasons, please send that message to your followers! I know they would come through!
With sadness,
Darlene Meeka

Anonymous said...

For my husband to get the start date for job locally here with pay he deserves. Prayer that God keeps his hand on Shane’s heart and the company he wants to work at. For God to keep the negative people and things out of our marriage and our life. For God to keep his hand on Shane’s heart so he will turn over all of my past mistakes to God and quit thinking about them and reminding of them constantly. For God to give Shane the faith to believe in our marriage and see our children as a blessing and a second chance to be a good husband and father. For him to love and cherish me as his wife as a husband should. For God to keep his shield over our marriage and lines of communication open between myself and my husband. For God to keep his hand on Tim’s heart so he can help us buy our first home For my husband to heal from this hurt and not blame me for how things happened

Audrey B said...

Pray for and protect my son & daughter who have had too many trials and tribulations all their lives. Give them your faith, love and strength. Please give them courage and wrap them in your heavenly light so that others who continually hurt them may leave them be. May all good things come to them in job security and life.

Anonymous said...

For my husband not to plan out things without talking with me first and stop letting his family to interfere with our lives all the time. For her to stay in her state and never come back here with all of her drama. For my husband to see through all of the nonsense and give our children time to enjoy their life and put our children first in everything he does and stop letting people of his past interfere with our life. For God to keep his hand on my bosses so that my job will be more secure so we will not be relocating to anywhere else. For us to stay in Florida and everyone in his family to leave us alone. For him to let me finish my degree and start my career. For him to stop being selfish and allow God to make things right here.
For him to let go of his past and cherish me his wife the way God intended. For him to let his family have their own life in their own state. For him to forgive and love me despite all of my mistakes I have made in the past. For him to let past mistakes on both of our parts go.

Anonymous said...

Need miracles/prayer over some troubling situations that are urgent prayer requests.
I need hedges of protection over my life my child and my home, plead the blood of jesus, peace mercy n grace n uncommon favor.

I need god to make a way of escape for me to get thru these situations victoriously.

Anonymous said...

The new prayer line number is 866-306-5546

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